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About Emiko

Hello! I am an abstract painter based in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada.

My inspiration comes from the colors and shapes that I see and feel everyday.  I feel the colors and shapes in my physical body so strongly that I feel it is my job to recreate the feelings in my paintings and share them with the world.  I chose abstract forms of painting to examine and understand my inner landscapes that are curved and shaped by my visual and physical experiences of the world around me. I love the freedom that abstract paintings give me and the viewers for their interpretation.  

I am also working on creating art pieces through which people can touch and feel the world that I recreate from my own physical and emotional experience with my surroundings.

When I am not painting or making art, I am home with my two busy boys with special needs and we enjoy life and learn about the world through unschooling.

For any inquiries, please email me hello@emikovenlet